Structured Biomechanics

When we speak of biomechanics in practice, we mean a process that treats a patient who is suffering any degree of faulty mechanics, asymmetries, imbalances, pain or loss of function, and moves them toward a successful and tangible end point of reduction of those symptoms.

In Structured Biomechanics,  we have dubbed this the end point of all biomechanical treatment. Regardless of manipulation via shoes, lifts, surgery, muscle strengthening or any orthotic, there is a point you must reach in order to achieve a result that satisfies both you and your patient.

A Common Problem In Podiatric Practices

Any service or modality you choose to utilize in your podiatric practice must be effective, practical, predictable, and profitable.

Unfortunately, very few practitioners would associate biomechanics with those four concepts.

A patient who presents with a painful bunion naturally receives a workup. Perhaps you end up performing surgery, and you will, of course, have subsequent followup protocols. Finally, you will discharge the patient after successful treatment.

You know exactly what you are treating, what to expect before, during and after the surgery, and exactly how the follow-up process will be. This includes timeframes, milestones and the resolution of any non-optimal occurrence before it could become a severe issue.

Imagine if in the same way, biomechanics had the same effectiveness and predictability. Imagine if you could extract the exact information you needed from your new patient paperwork at a glance. What if you had the ability to perform a full biomechanical assessment in just two to three minutes?

It would benefit any DPM if in a brief amount of time, he or she could correlate what a patient said with what they saw clinically and know with zero doubt if they could in fact help that patient.

With our Structured Biomechanics Technology we have achieved just that and more for the entire patient base of any practice setting–regardless of size, scope or specialty.

The Value of Structured Biomechanics

When applied fully and correctly, Structured Biomechanics is invaluable. Addressing and successfully manipulating your patient’s structure will alleviate pain and restore function, thereby improving quality of life. They will no longer be hindered by pain and discomfort.

When you can apply biomechanics effectively, it becomes a mindset and you will truly take on the philosophy that all patients can be helped with biomechanics and orthotics. You will find more opportunities to help more your patients. You will also reap the financial benefits of increased treatment for your patient base!

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