DPM Practice Solutions is a consulting firm that provides training in biomechanical assessment and treatment protocols using our unique system, Structured Biomechanics. Over a decade, we have researched and developed our system and it is now available in our podiatry courses and training.

All too often, podiatric patients have significant degrees of faulty mechanics. Their asymmetries, functional imbalances and abberant gaits play a major factor in their biomechanical pathological conditions.

Our system allows for the expert identification, manipulation and management of a patient's faulty mechanics. The end result is better structural alignment and restoration of non-pathologic function and ability.

Our training will allow you and your staff to expertly and efficiently evaluate and fit your patients with high quality orthotics that promote soft tissue structures to strengthen and rebalance, as they are in their ideal position.

The Alternative To Root Biomechanics

Your patients will benefit almost immediately in terms of pain and discomfort. Even better, your practice also benefits from more comprehensive treatment protocols and dramatically increased revenue.

Our podiatry courses help you remove the guess work and uncertain outcomes and replaces them with efficient, accurate procedures that allow you to treat your patients on a broader scale and help reduce the need for surgery and wound care.

About Structured Biomechanics

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We have in fact developed a technology that provides you with the tools to correct and improve any biomechanically caused abberant gait. You will do more for your patients by offering orthotics and other services to a significantly greater percentage of your patient base. Moreover, you will know how your patients will do before you even offer them a given service. We help bring prediction into your hands, resulting in increased competence and more successful results.

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