Biomechanics Training For Podiatrists


Our biomechanics training consists of 2 separate courses that cover Structured Biomechanics in its entirety. Our system bridges the gap between didactic knowledge and our application of the principles of biomechanics–all in a clinical practice setting.

By identifying, manipulating and managing the two key aspects of any patient’s aberrant gait, you will be able to relieve your patient of their pain and discomfort. You will learn to do this by restoring proper alignment and non-pathologic motion throughout the entire kinetic chain.

When this technology is implemented, it will make your practice more enjoyable and profitable. It will allow you to provide comprehensive care for a greater percentage of your patient base.

At the moment, we are preparing to deliver our Basic and Advanced courses via a new online portal. Students will be able to log in from their home or office computer and take our entire course right from their own hometown or city.

For more information about our online courses or to sign up, please contact us.

Courses In Biomechanics by DPM Practice Solutions

Structured Biomechanics: Basic Course

Structured Biomechanics: Advanced Course

I appreciate DPM Practice Solutions for making me a better podiatrist. Their technology allows me to practice biomechanics the way I have always envisioned it should be–uncomplicated and with outstanding patient satisfaction.