The Icon Orthotics Arch Support Breakthrough

Posted on: Monday, April 29th, 2013

“The results that I have been getting are nothing less than outstanding.”

Robert S. Wane, DPM

Our system, Structured Biomechanics, gets more of your impaired patients walking comfortably again.  We have a proven record of helping runners, golfers and tennis players do better with fewer injuries. This system delivers results for pediatric as well as geriatric patients, and everyone in between.


DPM Practice Solutions takes the guesswork out of biomechanics. We make it so you know if orthotics will work before you cast the patient.

Our system provides you with the ability to predict orthotic success in any given patient.

Our unique biomechanical assessment which can be done in only a few minutes provides you with the in-depth information needed to fabricate our total contact orthotics.

Faster, Easier Orthotic Casting by DPMs

Our unique foam casting technique is cleaner, faster and more accurate than slow, outdated plaster casting.

Our orthotic lab, Icon Orthotiocs, represent a significant breakthrough in foot and total body support and realignment.  Add our unsurpassed support from our team of Podiatrists and staff, and you’ll have more patients smiling in no time.

Fore more information about our courses, visit our page on biomechanics training.