Structured Biomechanics Advanced Course

Course Overview

The Advanced Course covers advanced biomechanics theory, case presentations, and stresses the importance of utilization of the biomechanical patient classification chart. We also cover advanced techniques for Module 5 of our basic course, “Manipulating Your Patient’s Mechanics Effectively,” in much greater detail. We focus on advanced training for using biomechanics in sports medicine and how to treat more difficult cases. The end result of this course is the complete mastery of Structured Biomechanics and our technology. You will feel confident in applying what you learned to the direct benefit of both your patients and your practice at a whole new level.

After taking the Structured Biomechanics Advanced Course, you will gain the complete skill set to put well over 50% of your new patients into orthotics each month, with consistently great results.

You will also have total confidence in successfully assessing, diagnosing, manipulating and managing the faulty mechanics of any presenting patient you choose to treat.

The Structured Biomechanics Basic Course is a prerequisite for the Advanced Course.

Module 1: Patient Classification System

On the Advanced Course, we give a larger, more in depth view of the patient classification system.

We specifically focus on Class 3 recalcitrant patients, and their treatment.

Module 2: Applying Biomechanics to Sports Medicine

Athlete/Sports Medicine is another subfield within our technology, and we discuss in detail the application of biomechanics to athletes, runners, and other active patient types.

Course End Product

To have complete confidence in applying biomechanics, and in administering orthotics to any patient that walks into your practice–including recalcitrant patients, athletes, runners, and more.

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